gallery01-northeast wallsThe Three Lakes Center for the Arts Marie Moore Gallery is open Thursday – Saturday, 10AM to 3PM

Judith “Judelaine” Hankes: September Artist of the Month.

Judy’s artwork will be featured during the month of Sept. in the gallery of the Three Lakes Center for the Arts. A wine and appetizer reception with the artist will be free and open to the public on Fri. Sept. 7 from 5 to 7pm. For more information, call 715-546-2299.

North Woods wildlife is her focus. Many of the paintings feature owls.

“My parents homesteaded a 26 acre island in the Fox River about 45 miles south of Chicago. This is where I was born and my birth certificate states: ‘Born at home on island.’

“My siblings and I were self taught artists or aspiring writers. I preferred drawing and coloring my own pictures rather than coloring in a coloring book. When I was a teen, a blossoming apple tree was so inspiring that, lacking brushes, I used the ‘catkins’ of pussy willows as brushes. I still have the painting.”

After high school she went to college, planning to study art. There was the Andy Warhol style of painting popular at that time, which was unappealing to Hankes. She ultimately transferred out of art and into elementary education and became a teacher for 16 years. “I finished a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction,” she said, “and also one in Gifted and Talented Education.” After that she completed a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction/ Emphasis in Mathematics Education and taught math methods and research for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for 20 years, retiring emerita in 2015.

“After retirement,” she said, “my husband and I built this log cabin and now i have the time to do what I’ve always wanted to do – paint with oil and water color and draw with ink.” Come meet Judy and see many of her pieces of art.


gallery-marie dedicationThe Marie Moore Gallery

Marie joined our Board soon after it’s inception and took charge of operating the art gallery. She was magic in finding volunteers and artists to become involved with us. She gained the respect of members, artists, and customers with her quiet, humble, and professional commitment.

Her dry humor and positive attitude were uplifting. Some people are born to try and save the world, but Marie saved the day, over and over gain, with her simple, sensible, and sane approach to problem solving and advancing the TLCA’s mission. These traits made her a wonderful president and once she took the job, we wouldn’t let her quit.

She had a great sense of style, artistic flair, and creativity that led to many themes for parties, titles for events, and clever decorations. She also made great deviled eggs and never failed to bring them to many “Meet the Artist” receptions, along with hundreds of other snacks.

We honor Marie by naming our newly remodeled gallery that she so loved and managed, “The Marie Moore Gallery.”

Marie was – above all – a very humble person, so there was no gala or big celebration. The plaque on the wall in her cherished gallery is where she can be appreciated and remembered by all who visit and are missed. Thanks for the memories and all you did for us, Marie.


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