gallery01-northeast wallsThe Three Lakes Center for the Arts Marie Moore Gallery is open Thursday – Saturday, 10AM to 3PM

Theresa Ray – September Artist of the Month

“T Ray” – That’s what everyone calls her. And with a beautiful name like Theresa, one wonders why. She categorizes her pottery as “one of a kind pieces,” and so, we learn, is she. Unique and one of a kind!

“I’m originally from the Chicago Metro area,” she explained, “and have been coming to Three Lakes since I was young. My parents were seasonal and then retired here. I spent my summers in Three Lakes through high school and college, working summer jobs.” Ray attended the University of Dayton in Ohio for her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a teaching endorsement for grades K-12. It was there she met her husband, John, who she married at Saint Theresa’s Church in Three Lakes in 1977.

“After an MFA program with a focus on print making at the University of North Dakota, I had a Teaching Assistantship and taught freshman drawing,” she said. This was where she first became interested in pottery and learned to throw pots on a potter’s wheel. After completing two years of the program, she and her husband moved to Denver, CO. and started a family – now daughter Emily and son Sean and five grandsons!

“While in Denver, I volunteered for the Colorado Department of Arts and Humanities, worked for an arts newspaper and then worked at a gallery selling fine art,”she said. “ As my children got into elementary school, I returned to teaching 3rd through 6th grade as a regular classroom teacher.”

She continued to dabble in art including pottery and painting while teaching, also receiving a Masters Degree. She was principal at two elementary schools and the Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction, before finally retiring.

Ray said, “My husband and I bought a home here seven years ago and I began coming for full summers to help and support my Mom as she got into her senior years. Two years ago, fulfilling one of our dreams, my husband and I retired in Three Lakes permanently.” Ray’s recent goals have been to move away from dabbling in art, return to her roots and do art everyday. “I took a hand building pottery class at the Warehouse in Eagle River and discovered there was a full pottery studio there,” she said. “I took advantage of the excellent teaching staff, John Langer (Bear Paw Pottery), Amy Higgason (Pigeon Road Pottery), Linda Woiak and Cheryl Kornely, and began to study pottery techniques on a more serious level. During the course of my studies with these fine artists and potters, I began to make connections to my past studies in print making. This first showing of my work attempts to incorporate printmaking techniques and influences with mostly wheel thrown pieces. My interest is in creating pattern, texture and nature in mostly functional pottery.”

So this “one of a kind” lady has more dreams to fulfill. She’d like to travel, do more skiing with her brother and grandsons, visit museums like the Prada and National Gallery, spend more time focusing on print making and make the perfect sourdough loaf!

Meet the artist and see her work at a wine and appetizer reception, free and open to the public on Fri. Sept. 6 from 5 to 7 at the Three Lakes Center for the Arts, 1760 Superior St.

gallery-marie dedicationThe Marie Moore Gallery

Marie joined our Board soon after it’s inception and took charge of operating the art gallery. She was magic in finding volunteers and artists to become involved with us. She gained the respect of members, artists, and customers with her quiet, humble, and professional commitment.

Her dry humor and positive attitude were uplifting. Some people are born to try and save the world, but Marie saved the day, over and over gain, with her simple, sensible, and sane approach to problem solving and advancing the TLCA’s mission. These traits made her a wonderful president and once she took the job, we wouldn’t let her quit.

She had a great sense of style, artistic flair, and creativity that led to many themes for parties, titles for events, and clever decorations. She also made great deviled eggs and never failed to bring them to many “Meet the Artist” receptions, along with hundreds of other snacks.

We honor Marie by naming our newly remodeled gallery that she so loved and managed, “The Marie Moore Gallery.”

Marie was – above all – a very humble person, so there was no gala or big celebration. The plaque on the wall in her cherished gallery is where she can be appreciated and remembered by all who visit and are missed. Thanks for the memories and all you did for us, Marie.


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