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Photographer, Brian Donahoe – Artist of the Month for June

by Gay Scheffen

Brian Donahoe has had a home in Three Lakes since 2007. Originally from Illinois, he spent considerable time in the Minocqua area as a youth. “My photography business, starting as a hobby and has flourished during my time here, since the Three Lakes/Eagle River chain has provided an ample supply of scenic majesty to capture.”

He is a self taught photographer and also an electrical contractor with a background in video and image processing. Donahoe explained. “I have been doing image processing most of my engineering career, but started applying my knowledge to landscape photography about 15 years ago.”

Donahoe’s wife is from the Coleman area in Wisconsin, and they have 3 children.
“All of my kids are techies like me” he said, ” but two of them have various interests in photography. I tend to photograph difficult situations (into the sun, low light, macro, animals, etc.) but the one aspect all of my pieces have in common… extreme detail.”

Many people say Donahoe’s photos look like paintings. He says that there is an explanation for that. “Painters often paint what the eye actually sees, whereas cameras cannot always capture the full dynamic range of the eye. I strive to represent what the eye sees. Having access to majestic scenes in the North Woods certainly helps.”

Boredom is not a word in Donahoe’s vocabulary. This man is an avid tennis player, an ardent reader and coaches a high school varsity robotics team. “I play and write music for piano (classical mostly) and have physics as a hobby,” he said. “I have also developed a program (, which auto-which generates (FREE) websites from photos, which I use extensively in my photography, as do others.”

He has photographs for sale in many Aurora Medical Facilities around Wisconsin, and in various shops, cafes and galleries. His favorite medium for displaying his photography is metal, which is high resolution and high quality. Canvas is his second favorite.

What challenging photos does Donahoe look forward to taking in the future? “I photographed the 2017 solar eclipse and the recent Super Blood Moon solar eclipse and both were particularly tricky.” he said. “Recently I have been wanting to create an analemma, which is a photograph showing the position of the Sun as seen from a fixed location on Earth – at the same time as that position varies over the course of a year. It’s extremely difficult to produce an optimum result and takes a year to do.”

While looking forward to the “analemma” we can see other photographs of Donahoe’s on metal and canvas during the month of June and meet the artist on Friday, June 7, from 5 to 7 at the gallery in the Three Lakes Center for the Arts. There will be beverages and appetizers and it is free and open to the public. At 8pm, the finger style guitarist, Hiroya Tsukamoto, will perform a concert in the theater. Tickets available at the door or at

July Artist of the Month – Bruce Renquist

This will be the first time in the 12 years of Artist of the Month profiles that TLCFA has featured an artist for a 2nd time. Bruce Renquist is deserving of this honor and will be featured in the gallery during the month of July.

Bruce, his wife Judy and family have been seasonal residents of Three Lakes and active members of the community since the 60’s. Before that, Renquist attended the Layton School of Art and Design in Milwaukee, graduating with honors with a BFA in Industrial Design. “In spite of four years as a student in art school,” Renquist said, “ I never had a painting class. I later returned to chair the Industrial Design Program at Layton and ultimately was on the founding board of Trustees at the Milwaukee School of Art and Design.” All this time, he admired the fine arts from a distance.

Finally, after 35 years of heading the design practice, Renquist/Associates, Inc. he ventured to pick up a brush. “Rather than working in the design world of a complex array of constraints, and always with the wants and needs of the client foremost,” he explained, “ at last I was free to please only myself.” Still disciplined, and in many ways dealing with “the most demanding client ever,” Bruce was able to combine aesthetics and the design skills of drawing, color and composition with his own personal interests.

For his second appearance at TLCFA, he will continue with a new series of his beloved boathouses on the Three Lakes Chain as well as exploring the iconic Loon.”I deviated further with saltwater fish I catch on my fly rod,” Renquist said, “ and, at the urging of friends, two horse canvases. The fish and horse subjects begin the exploration of combining names, typography and testing the edges of imagery on the picture plane.

He will be on hand on Fri. July 5th from 5 to 7pm at an artist reception in the gallery at the Three Lakes Center for the Arts. This is free, open to the public, with wine and appetizers. For info call 715-546-2299.

gallery-marie dedicationThe Marie Moore Gallery

Marie joined our Board soon after it’s inception and took charge of operating the art gallery. She was magic in finding volunteers and artists to become involved with us. She gained the respect of members, artists, and customers with her quiet, humble, and professional commitment.

Her dry humor and positive attitude were uplifting. Some people are born to try and save the world, but Marie saved the day, over and over gain, with her simple, sensible, and sane approach to problem solving and advancing the TLCA’s mission. These traits made her a wonderful president and once she took the job, we wouldn’t let her quit.

She had a great sense of style, artistic flair, and creativity that led to many themes for parties, titles for events, and clever decorations. She also made great deviled eggs and never failed to bring them to many “Meet the Artist” receptions, along with hundreds of other snacks.

We honor Marie by naming our newly remodeled gallery that she so loved and managed, “The Marie Moore Gallery.”

Marie was – above all – a very humble person, so there was no gala or big celebration. The plaque on the wall in her cherished gallery is where she can be appreciated and remembered by all who visit and are missed. Thanks for the memories and all you did for us, Marie.


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